Boulet Fermat Associates

phone: (780) 449-1835
fax: (780) 449-1859
e-mail: the user name danny in the domain

Ownership and Mandate

Boulet Fermat Associates is a sole proprietorship owned by Daniel Boulet. Although primarily a one man show, I have developed a substantial network of contacts over the twenty or so years since I graduated from University.

The mandate of Boulet Fermat Associates is to provide quality consulting services (primarily in the areas of networking and Internet security) and Unix education and training services.

Contacting Boulet Fermat Associates

Since you're obviously connected to the Internet, probably the best way to contact me is via e-mail (see above). If you prefer voice, you can contact me at 780 449 1835. If you call, please keep in mind that I am located in the Canadian Mountain timezone (GMT-0600).

Daniel Boulet