Some random photos

Some of these photographs will be a bit on the large size unless you've got a fairly large monitor (1600x1200 is about right!). Apologies to the folks with small monitors.

Some of them are also absurdly small. I hope to rescan these shortly.

What Canadian WWW site would be complete without at least a couple of pictures of snow?

The snow on the fence in the above photo was hanging down about 9cm.

Here we have snow dangling down about six inches (15cm) from a drainspout.

Maybe it will warm up if I wear summer clothes . . .

Here's one that I really like. It's a road that has been painted onto an abandoned airport tarmac in Stephenville, Newfoundland, Canada. The road is literally painted onto the tarmac (see the white lines marking the outer edge of the road and yellow lines dividing the two lane). The truly strange part is that the painted road is curved. It could have just as easily have been straight since the pavement is about a quarter mile wide at this point. The result is that the drivers that travel along the outside of the curve actually follow the line but the drivers that travel on the inside of the curve seem to just go straight (i.e. ignoring the painted lines).

It's a lot easier to really see what's going on in the larger image (note the car on the road driving away from the camera in the distance).

Note the car driving away from the camera in the distance. This photograph was taken in about 1984. I've no idea if the road is still there.

Here's a quite spectacular carved rock in Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Here's one of Peggy's Cove at night.

This is a (rather poor quality) photograph of the reconstructed Governor's Mansion at Louisbourg, Nova Scotia.

A few months after taking this photo, I happened to visit Independence Hall in Philadelphia. I was more than somewhat amused when the tour guide explained that when Independence Hall was built, it was the largest building in North America. This is true - Independence Hall in Philadelphia was the largest building in North America at the time that it was built but this is only true because the Governor's Mansion in Louisbourg had already been destroyed by the British by the time that Independence Hall was built!

I didn't have the heart to tell the tour guide about the Governor's Mansion in Louisbourg. He was otherwise doing quite a good job and it is never wise to correct someone in full patriotic flight . . .

There's a bit of a story behind this picture. While looking through the photos that we'd taken on a trip to Nova Scotia in 1984, we ran across this picture. We liked the sunset but neither of us could remember taking the photograph. A couple of weeks later, my wife remembered taking the photograph in the early morning will answering a call of nature. i.e. it isn't a sunset at all. It's a sunrise!

Useless trivia: I've seen far more sunrises after working all night on a computer program than I've seen after getting up early. I'm definitely not a morning person!

I'm not sure what to make of the next one although I should point out that Volkswagon Beetles have their engine in the rear (i.e. it's possible that this vehicle still runs on gasoline). This photo was taken near Drumheller, Alberta, Canada in 1997.

The other Niagra Falls:

Really! These falls are located on Vancouver Island near the Malahat (just north of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada).

That's my wife and child at the base of the falls in the photo above (they're hard to see) and the photo below.

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