Salisbury Cathedral

This page is an assortment of photographs of Salisbury Cathedral. They were taken in April of 2002.


(please respect my copyright by not using these for commercial purposes without my permission)

Salisbury Cathedral taken from my hotel room.

The nave of the Cathedral.

The nave from a slightly higher vantage point.

An ancient plank in the attic of the Cathedral (and some not so ancient electrical wiring).

Some of the original ironwork in the tower of the Cathedral (this is apparently a rare excellent example of 12th century ironwork).

Some of the original beams in the tower of the Cathedral.

A view from the very base of the spire of Salisbury Cathedral. This balcony is 332 steps above the ground.

Some panorama shots taken from the Cathedral's viewing balconies (see previous picture). Click on each image to get a larger version (each about 3000 pixels wide). The original images are over 7,000 pixels wide.

A rather strange yet interesting sculpture in the Cathedral grounds made of Douglas Fir. It's called Heaven's Gate (by Tim Harrisson 1990). Click here for a closer look at just the sculpture.

For reference purposes, here's a floorplan of the cathedral. This image is from the Hemera 350,000 image Big Box of Art collection (sorry no link - the Hemera website no longer exists 2018-01-05).
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