Editorial: Where do you want to go tomorrow?

As one ponders the current state of the computing industry, one is struck by a number of things:

So, the bottom line is:
Where do you want to go tomorrow?
Do you want to be an accomplice in Microsoft's quest for world domination or do you want to support real innovation in the computing industry?

In case you're still having trouble deciding, consider:

-Daniel Boulet

Frankly, I've made up my mind: I should point out that I have Virtual PC on my Powerbook so I've got the option of buying software that runs under Windows 98. I bought Virtual PC "just in case I needed it". Frankly, I havn't "needed it" except occasionally to view a Microsoft Word document (where practical, I try to obtain a version of the document in a non-proprietary format).

Just in case you're wondering, the only one of the above points which even remotely resembles a boycott of Microsoft is the last one (I buy MacOS games since I feel that I should support companies which support my favourite consumer operating system). The other points are simply the result of my desire to use computers which are easy-to-use and robust.

I'll grant that I'm a serious geek so my definition of easy-to-use might not be the same as yours. I'll also grant that the MacOS isn't really very robust (I sometimes think about how the MacOS is often described as being more robust than Windows, a truly depressing though after I've rebooted my Powerbook a half dozen times in a single day).

I'll also grant that I'm biased but that's the price one pays when one isn't willing to use an antiquated user interface running on a fragile operating system sold by a company which seems to spend far more time worrying about how to price the next upgrade than on how to improve the satisfaction of their customers.

One last question: Am I the only person who feels that their intelligence is being insulted when Microsoft refers to the various Windows operating systems as standard and refers to Unix as proprietary?

Daniel Boulet

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