The De Vere Daresbury Park Hotel

I stayed in the De Vere Daresbury Park Hotel while in the Daresbury area. In some respects, it's just your regular quite pleasant modern hotel. What makes it somewhat interesting and well worth a visit if you're in the area is that the decorating theme of the hotel is based on the works of Lewis Carroll (born in the nearby village of Daresbury). The Lewis Carroll theme appears throughout the hotel so make sure that you take a good look around (including all the way around the hotel on the first floor (one floor above ground level)).

Click here for a map of the surrounding area.

I've also stayed in the De Vere Cavendish St. James Hotel at 81 Jermyn Street just a few blocks from Piccadilly Circus in London (I don't stay too often as it is just a bit above my price range but I certainly enjoy it when I'm there).

Just in case you're wondering - nobody is paying for my positive comments about the two De Vere hotels.

The main entrance area of the hotel.

One of a handful of statues of characters from Lewis Carroll's books located in the grounds around the hotel.

The lobby of the De Vere Daresbury Park.

A rather interesting Lewis Carroll themed clock which hangs from the ceiling of the hotel's lobby.

Closeup of the Lewis Carroll themed clock in the hotel's lobby.
Daniel Boulet

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