The Village of Daresbury

Daresbury is a small "classical" English village located about thirty kilometers (twenty miles) south west of Manchester. It's quite a pretty place which just happens to be the birth place of Lewis Carroll, author of the children's classics Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

Click here for some photographs of the De Vere Daresbury Park Hotel (it's got an interesting Lewis Carroll clock in the lobby).

Click here for a map of the surrounding area.

The road leading into Daresbury.

The Daresbury Village All Saints Church. There's a Lewis Carroll commemorative window inside the church (sorry - no picture available).

The church from the rear and some of surrounding graveyard.

The Daresbury church and graveyard (photograph taken from across the street from the Ring-O-Bells pub in Daresbury).

The village of Daresbury from a distance. About 75% of the village is visible in this photograph (i.e. it isn't very big).
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