Some Old photographs and such related to the Boulet family

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Here's a photo of my Grandfather, Alexandre Boulet, taken around 1915:

Alexandre Boulet - ca. 1915

Here's a photograph of the Martin farmhouse in Cartierville, Quebec taken in about 1909:

Some context is probably in order. The woman in the photograph is Georgianna (Boudreau) Martin. She is my great-grandmother (my father's mother's mother). The very young girl standing immediately to my great-grandmother's left and holding a doll is my grandmother (my father's mother). Click here for an annotated version of the photograph.

Here's a photograph of the Martin family which my notes (written by one of the people in the photograph) say was taken on July 16, 1915:

My great-grandmother Georgianna (Boudreau) Martin had passed away about a month earlier on June 22, 1915. I believe this to be a photograph which was taken at a family reunion which took place after the funeral and before some of the people in the photo moved to Saskatchewan.

My great-grandfather (Georgianna (Boudreau) Martin's husband) is the tall man with the moustache third from the left in the back row (there's a woman with a white dress immediately in front of him).

The back of this photograph appears below. The original notation translates (roughly) to "souvenir of my arrival at the convent after an absence of two years. 19 July 1915". The apparently later notation (in blue ink) translates to "after the death of our dear mother". I have the names of about twenty of the people in this photograph but I havn't had time to produce an index-photo (hopefully, I'll get one up shortly).

Daniel Boulet

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