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This page is the first of a series of pages about London. The other pages in the series are Trafalgar Square and Platform Art by David Begbie. More pages will be added from time to time.


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One of my favourite buildings in London is Nordic House, 26 King Street WC2 (the light blue building below):
Standing on Bedford Street and looking almost straight north. Bedford Street turns into Garrick Street just before the light blue Nordic House building and King Street heads off to the right (the green canopy on the left is on Garrick Street and the red "SALE" canopy on the right is on King Street)

Standing on New Road and looking northeast (the Roundhouse pub in the next photo is to my immediate left)
Another interesting building just across the street from Nordic House is the home of the aptly named Roundhouse Pub, 1 Garrick Street WC2:
The road on the left is New Row and the road on the right is Garrick Street.
A few photographs of and around Covent Garden's main square:
Looking roughly southwest along King Street WC2 (Covent Garden Market is the dark building to my immediate left). If you look carefully, you'll see the Roundhouse Pub's building at the very end of King Street (click here for a closeup look).

Turning slightly to the right, we find a balloon 'artist' making balloon animals and such for the kids.

Turning fully to the right, we see a didgeridoo player on James Street WC2. The Covent Garden Tube Station is on the right at the very end of James Street (just barely visible if you know exactly where to look) and Covent Garden Market is right behind the photographer.

Standing about where the didgeridoo player was playing and turning around 180 degrees, we get a look at one of the entrances to Covent Garden Market. The road in front of the Market actually runs all the way around the Market and is called Covent Garden Piazza. The area within the Piazza was originally a garden which developed into a garden market and was eventually redeveloped as the existing Covent Garden Market building.

The London Transport Museum is located just off the Piazza (off on the far left behind the Market in the previous photo). Definitely worth the couple of hours that it'll take to see it properly.

In one of the open air basement areas of Covent Garden Market we find a trio of violinists (note the box in front of them for donations).

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